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Somali girl marries a rich Nigerian man. Masha Allah.


With great power comes great electricity bill
The second woman looks so typically English subhanallah :wtf: I've seen her look a 1000 times in my life :dead:
The guys on this site are lost, waa African American females. They'll go after any cadaan woman even if she's fugly looking and group celebrate it like it's a collective achievement.

Wallahi these folks would have a field day in the UK:pachah1:
Marrying a Nigerian is not a joke. I feel sorry for any somali girl who's married to a Nigerian. When you marry Nigerian man, be prepared to suffer. First your inlaws will never accept you as their own. You will always be the outsider. You will be constantly compared with the other wives of your brother inlaws. Muslim or non-muslim he'll never be faithful to you. They lure you in with charm and all that nollywood swagg but that will fade way the minute he brought you home. You will be slave and captive for his entire tribe for the rest of your life. Gabadi guursato nin Nigerian ah mana dhiman mana noola. :frdfvsb: :frdfvsb: :frdfvsb: :i83dwbv: