Somali girl, 18, shot in face in tdot

Is it possible that we are just animals who don't know any better? It's bad enough we are killing each other in our own country but now we have kids in the west, who grew up with all the opportunities one can get and they still chose to gun down each other like savages. I guess you can lead Somalis to peace but you can't make them live it.
Nope, its because Somalis live in ghetto project and government housing areas and they refuse to move to the suburbs.

What happens ? Your child immerses himself/herself with the Bakhti Madows and other Qashins living in the area and their life slowly erodes away. Such is the case of many Somalis living in the West.

Every fucked up thing somalis do is someone else's fault right?

There are all kinds of other ethnic groups who live in the poorest urban areas of whatever western city somali xoolo reside in, but they aren't shooting each other in the face.

Accountability is apparently not a word in our dictionary. This is not 'Tyrone culture' or the fault of poverty. Just shit parents and low intelligence.
Nah, this is adoon culture.

Sneak dissing on the gram (whatever that means)

Bang bang

Stepping on my sneakers

Bang bang

Mean mugging

Bang bang

There are many Madows serving life sentences for the stupidest shit
We all know this, but people get upset if you say it. Wallahi black culture is trash. Here in UK Caribbeans and Asains came same time and the timo jilic are so much more successful in every area. While you see so many 3rd generation blacks running the streets like animals