Somali Entrepreneurs Thread

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Omar Munie has his own high-end clothing line founded in the Netherlands. He makes handmade designer bags.

Amina has launched several multi-million dollar projects in Kampala, Uganda,[1] such as the luxury mall the Oasis Centre and the Laburnam Courts. She also runs Kingstone Enterprises Limited, one of the largest distributors of cement and other hardware materials in Kampala. In Uganda they call her Mama Harris.

This is the owner above. She is whose who in Uganda and has dinners with the elite of East Africa including Somali presidents when they visit Uganda

Oasis Centre Mall (above picture)
- Kampala, Uganda - cost over $25 million and owned by Amina Mogeh Hersi, a Somali born in Kenya, whose father made riches in the cement industry.
From refugee to entrepreneur

Hashi Kaar


he is the founder of three tech companies and employs 15 people.

Kaar started the software development company Plycode last year with former colleagues Ahmed Yusuf and software engineer Tim Forrest. The start-up cost of $50,000 was covered by the partners.

The company, with 12 employees, has earned $150,000 in revenue since last March and has a target of $650,000 by June next year. In turn, Plycode has created two separate employment platforms, Kazileo and Employfy. Kazileo (due to launch next month) specialises in ICT recruitment in Australia, using skills tests and video interviewing.

It has a staff of three and a start-up cost of $120,000.
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