Somali Canadians are the best diaspora

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If I had to rate the somali diaspora in the west i would go

1. Norway
2. USA
3. Sweden
4. Tie between UK and Canada


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:trumpsmirk: I'm a fan of Trump. He speaks his mind. Just like a Farax. I think he wins this round. He's got the machismo. Trudeau (though better looking) is tender-hearted for immigrants, which I resent. :hillarybiz: Like Nigerians, they are after my pension. They also want to marry a dual citizen (moi). I'm glad the Commander-in-chief will protect me from marriage fraud and fobs.
Canadians soamlis reputation is written in stone. I have been reading nothing but pathetic killings from them for years.

Sweden looks set to catch up with Canada although they can reverse course :camby:


cismaan maxamuud
We are underrated on this site but i think we are the best because for one I'd like to see any other diaspora get an Somali into a high ranked government job.

We the north they say :salute:
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Umm have you heard of something called population,Canada hosts the most somalis in the diaspora(west)
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