Somali Bantus, Peaceful Miskeens?

To all those bantu haters.

I ask you a simple question. What is your solution?

And why all the bantu haters also the most qabilistie that hate ethnic somalis?


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The truth would say otherwise. I just find it soo odd a lot of people, believe in this myth that Somali Bantus are just peace loving, miskeen folks, who have never done a damn thing wrong. Oh my, it couldn't be more further from the truth.

These people are not what they seem they are. They are our amongst our enemies, and the sad thing, they're right under our noses.

Its a well known fact, that a significant amount of the fighters in Al Shabab are of this community. At least a third of Al Shabab membership are madows. Even way up north in the Galgala mountains of Puntland, the amount of captured madow Al Shabab fighters is sky high.

Here are a few photos of such fighters:

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Now the question is, why would they leave the southern regions of the country, travel hundreds of kilometres by land, and sometimes by sea - see the 2016 coast of Mudug AS attack, to the northern most parts of Puntland, and commit attacks after attacks on the civilian population? And that is because they hate Somalis. Simple as.

And for those of you, who are still defending these people, and dislike what I'm saying, and think that I'm reaching, with the whole madow - Al Shabab links, then how about this:

Somali Bantus currently reside and farm in the best and most fertile part of Somalia. In the past decade alone, Somalia, North and South, has experienced severe droughts In the North and devastating famines in the South. Hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of Somalis have perished in the extreme weather conditions.

All the while, these people are enjoying the crops and living comfortably. They don't even send a single cargo of the foodstuffs they grow, to the starving people, just miles away.

I'm not hating on these people, nor am I inciting hatred for them. I'm just simply stating the TRUTH. They have to go. The farms and land, they've grown strong on, needs to be taken from them. At the end of the day, this is not their native land.
Brother I get your argument and see why you would think they're the enemy, but you need to realise that they're victims themselves. If we had to look at Somalia in terms of casts, they're the lowest. Most of them are disadvantaged in terms of education, hence why it's easier to lure them into AS.


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I forgot how all these Terrorist Groups in Somalia are funded and organized from the remittances of Somali Bantus abroad. These Evil Evil Bantus without them Somalia would be a first world country lacking any issues, it is them ruining our name both back home and abroad.



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Bantus/eelays teamed up with the USC and chased Darood civilians fleeing Mogadishu, killing them by hammering nails into their heads. The USC later betrayed them, conquered their regions, and massacred/raped/looted them.

Now these regions are the epicentre of Al Shabaab and the poorest parts of the country. Similar to how Mogadishu has been cursed because of the crimes of its inhabitants, these people are also cursed.