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Somali American Xaaliimo makes her mum watch 365 days (erotic movie)


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This is so embarrassing and humiliating,and to record and share it with the world is Somalia's IQ fault, the 68 IQ keeps hunting us everywhere


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social media is not meant for the mentall weak. i just watched that akafi ali guy disrespecting his mom in a worse way and all these people all I have to say is that they should not be on social media at all if it can dictate what they will do just for some likes and clicks. It's like what they tell recovering alcoholics or drug addicts...stay away from your old friends, old stomping grounds...don't even keep a drink in your house...because they know how fragile the human mind is. and if you are addicted to being the center of attention, stay away from the social media...seriously its all dopamine

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Reer baadiyo trying to act reer magaal.

Nothing to see here folks.

I flip the channel when a kissing scene comes on, and this girl is watching this filth with her mother?

The day of judgement is close.