Somaali way u dhamaatay


I have witnessed something extraordinary the other day, I was playing cards with the homies and across the other side of the street a stranger came outside from the synagogue.
It wasn't suprising to me at all, since there are small numbers of Ethiopians residing here.
I wasn't paying any attention to it and thought to myself he's probably a Falasha who cares and we just kept playing ace cards , the guy just walked by us and his phone rang , he answered it and was screaming crazily .
"Waar Aabaha was , maxaad doonaysa imika, soo taan ku iri , lacagta iga sugo beritoole baan ku siin ee sidaada oo kale ma ihi balanta oofinin"

And he walked away , like he was sprinting

We were speechless, shocked and froze in time , I could not wrap my head around that a stranger with a kippah can speak fluent Somali.

Wtf is going on .

Then I remembered a what a Tumaal friend told me years ago that back in Somalia there are small community of crypto Jews , I thought he was full of shit , but Im starting to not doubt his words
Is his statement true , do anyone know such thing

I knew that there were lowkey Christian converts existing but I never thought too deep on that scale


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