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Does anyone in Somalis favor this topic over 'hard' sciences? I see a-lot of Somali courses revolve around subjects to do with society. Like psychology, counselling, teacher, childcare, economics, health, etc. Very rarely will you see one doing hard sciences like engineering, science, maths, technology. Anyways, what is your favorite topic in social sciences? I like studying how societies have changed over time from social constructs. It started as family units/relative camps similar to sans-bushmen living, they bettered that and began 'tribal' linking each other(like most of africa now), humans developed further to create empires and unite people on 'language' like 'romans' who shared a common language and considered anyone else who spoke differently as 'barbaric'.

Humans developed further to form 'religion' to bring people together under a 'god' banner this bridged geographic, language, ethnicity and all earthly barriers. It however created an us vs them(disbelievers). Humans then entered our 'age' and created 'nation states' on geographic similarities. But I think the greatest age is yet to come which is the age of the 'human' where you can go anywhere you like, no passport, no question on ethnicity, race, language, and be treated with human rights.

You have rights basically as a human being first and foremost. Some countries have achieved this but most of the world hasn't. This is great ambitious project and the future will look back at our 'era' and say we 'began' setting 'targets' on this, even though it will never be achieved in our life-time or even 'century'. Maybe in 200 years will people be born in a vastly different world to the one we are born in and that's great I think.

So I am human rights advocate so come all in Somalis of the social sciences. I think this will be a game changing social construct that is clearly more advanced then anything that has come before it in history. It will be the greatest age humanity has ever had.
Let's perform social science expreriments in Somalia. It would be excellent to see how advanced they are. Their very backwards though in Somalia from what I gathered. Still hiring their own clans-men, still living segregated(like one xafad is mostly some tribe), cafes/restaurants u will see one clan with itself, no-one will step up and protect someone from another clan if their being harmed or wronged. I think we can scale each city in Somalia to find which is the most 'open and transparent' and human right compliant.

Being a cosmopolitan city doesn't mean much if it's not human rights based city. Somalis just talk about how their is all qabiils who live in my city as if that is progress. That is not progress if those qabiils do not integrate with each other, hire each other in jobs, live segregated like one xafaad is known as 'this clan' that is bad signs of worse things to come for that society. It's fragile society and can be 'shook' anytime, anywhere, over any LITTLE THING because it's not exactly reconciled yet.

I think Puntland is especially doing well in this regard. I would say Hargeisa is lagging pretty badly in this respect. Mogadishu is shocking for 'tribal settlements' inside the town also.

I never heard of tribal settlement in Puntland except in Galkayo.

Bosaso and Garowe is nothing like that from what I gathered, you can't pinpoint where one clan is the most I think or in Bosaso case I think it's quite 'rare' where one tribe is majority in a neighborhood. Is-dhexgal levels are the first step needed to achieve human rights. Hence the globalization agenda the world is aiming for right now.
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