So gaala we have another L to collect

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Haye, how is it done then?:ohreally::shaq::russsmug:


Search it up?
This is why al Shabaab bombs people

They say 70% of the country is under 30. That's people who have known nothing but dagaal iyo dhib. They have access to the internet now and are extremely susceptible to all the filth found there.

Al-shabab are dogs. They bomb the best of people. These kids don't deserve to be bombed, but this is an indication of new times in Somalia.

We need to invest in the revival of the Somali culture. The culture is threatened by foreign forces. Wether it's the infiltration of extremists or people being exposed to other things without having a clear grasp of their own culture. We have to rebuild the cultural institutions.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
Now I kinda see why Burco is gonna ban music at weddings

These Somalis dancing like their filming a Romantic Bollywood movie
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