So does this woman look happy on her wedding day?


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Poor young woman. I hope she divorces him and marries the man she loves. I am glad that I am a diaspora somali from the west.


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Apparently in Somalia it’s ceeb for brides to show too much emotion on the wedding day. Am I wrong?
That's what I heard. Never understood it.

Could be worse though I remember hearing South Asian brides are expected to cry on their wedding day.


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She probably likes it, and him. It’s probably better they keep the affection private, it’s very cringe. But I wish they could both smile, it’s a happy day
naah this is a bit too much, she definitely looks like she is hating every bit of it and that she is forced to be there.


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Someone tell these women, Fanta face coca cola hands sucks.
Tell them to lay off the Diana skin lightening cream as well, absolutely ridiculous
Her skin looks very unnatural, my older sister back home has the same issue. Her skin looks likes the cheese on a pizza after it was freshly baked.
1.She looks really young.
2. Miserable.
3. Forced.
4. Her husband looks like he's about to eat her face.
5. Smiling and looking too happy might be a taboo, but i've never seen someone look like they're about to cry.
6. All in all, this is uncomfortable to watch.


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Just watched the whole video, they need to go back home and open up a organization that goes stops these kind of marriages from happening. Whether that is child marriages or forced marriages.


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