So are we just gonna downplay the importance of Puntland's Liberation of Ceel Buh Sanaag


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After the soldiers defected to PL, they removed the SL flag in Ceel Buh and hoisted the PL flag

Yet another town in Sanaag is liberated.

This is a trend

Soon the entire Warsangeli side of Sanaag will be under PL control while SL continue to struggle against Caare's forces in the west, and they will be cut off from the east.

If it was puntland intelligence agency that decided to arm and train Caare, they deserve props since that was a stroke of genius.

More Warsangeli towns to follow

Onwards and upwards.

Saldanada Maakhir will never be under Isaaq.

Their region was home to our ancestors, including Hooyo Majeerteen /Faadumo Ceelaayo/Ceelaanyo aka Habar Udbo Lacag.

Isn't Ceelaayo or Ceelaanyo Sanaag, named after her?

If Isaaq thinks they're going to close the border behind their graves they have lost their damn mind!
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