SL NEWS: Muuse bixii's latest victim in West Hargeisa land theft

A lot of the comments are saying that non-Somalilanders shouldn't own land in Somaliland. Doubt that's how the majority of Landers feel. I hope the adeer can get his land back, Insha-Allah. Or at least compensation. :gucciwhat:


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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theres people in Somaliland that have lost the land they bought what happens is someone forges fake ownership documents and sell it to who ever is interested in buying them
I can't believe how they are treating @Mckenzie. If only he had some foresight to invest in his own lands instead of making himself feel better with the fictional Irir alliance.

Hadhwanaag news is a terrible clan-based propaganda network. I'm not saying that this particular story can't be true, I simply wouldn't put any weight on anything that trash network sends out. They are only after inciting clan based infighting in Somaliland.