Since when did Somalis celebrate birthdays?

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This looks more like a wedding

I never celebrated nor did any of my friends and people claim back home they’re all about culture



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When the kuffar Satanic West subjugated the globe, it was only a matter of time. They will celebrate Christmas by decade's end. Joy to the world!


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You're mad at people for having a party? You're a fucking lame fam.
super cringy....I dont celebrate birthdays. First because its not in our tradition, secondly it make no sense to celebrate the day you were born like you achieved something
this nigga always got some shit to say.

nigga don't u gotta cook for your wive or something?

be gone waryaa before you get the dacas!:camby:


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I’ve always celebrated my birthday. My mom would bring cupcakes and soda to my classroom and then I would have a party on the following weekend if my birthday fell on a weekday.

But it wasn’t a lavish party though, just my siblings, cousins, neighbors and classmates would come over and my mom would cook food, order pizza, cake and we would run around in the backyard!
Not a Somali culture, but nevertheless a harmless celebratory adopted culture. Friends and family in joyous mood is great. An old Aussie colleague of Irish descent once told me that his family never celebrated birthdays because they were poor with 11 children. They were told that real Christians don’t celebrate it and they never questioned it. With affluence and good education, his kids now celebrate it. It’s still alien to him. They used to celebrate in Kuwait while I was there. What I don’t understand is non-Americans celebrating Thanksgiving or Halloween.
Logic behind celebrating your birthday is dumb. Your pretty much celebrating amount years you have left to die that isn't something you should be celebrating at all.
Is like a prisoner who is being electrocuted and is celebrating it in his cell room. Imagine that people would think his crazy and so are birthday s


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I have a birthday to celebrate as I was born in America and can't runaway from the date and time.

I thought most of you guys were Capricorns - Jan 1st babies. :siilaanyolaugh:

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This looks more like a wedding

I never celebrated nor did any of my friends and people claim back home they’re all about culture

I had birthday parties from birth to age 11.
Had home parties. A few school parties where my mom brought cupcakes to class. I recieved presents like bikes, a skateboard, toys. A PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and a PSP.

After age 11 all I did was just receive gifts. no parties. I did hang out with friends though sometimes . Age 12 I got a ps3. Age 14 I got $100. Age 15 I got another $100. Age 16 I recieved an iPhone 4. Age 17 and 18 I just got $100.

After 18. All I do is plan stuff to do with my friends. My recent birthday since I was busy with school all me and the homies did was watch a movie and go out to eat together. Before that we went to top golf and bowling
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