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I will tell you the truth about certain members on this site.

@Duchess is a mod, she's fair, kind hearted and understanding.

@Abdalla @Armadillo @Boqor Quark Boqor Cisman @Yonis @Cotton Eyed Joe @Thegoodshepherd @Cognitivedissonance are the most level headed male members on this site.

@Mercury is also level headed.

@Steamdevolopment is an obese chaser lesbian. She recently came out of the closet.

@Batuulo is also a lesbian but she's classy.

@embarassing If you want to start an argument with her just mention Xamar and Kheyre.

@Gucci mane is a Harari spy

@TooMacaan there are rumors about her being habesha, I haven't seen her claim to be habesha, lord knows the truth.

@sophisticate is well sophisticated just like her name. Classy, smart and witty.

@Xooshdheere is confused, he is also a madow lover, hides his obese black girlfriends.

@Starscream is my *****, don't @ him, talk to him, or even interact with him, I will cut you.

@R.Kelly is the senile old man, he loves anything that has breasts or vagina. Usually pregnant women.

@Gambar i miss her.

@Khad714 is new but she's a level headed kid.

@VixR was a bisexual, she went back to only liking men after mouth breather @Steamdevolopment slid into her dms.
You know telling this to them will only make them more curious

Thread starter is already following my nick
Not open for further replies.