Should Somalia legalize the removal of Organs of executed criminals for people in need of organs?

"Should somalia legalise the removal of organs of executed criminals for people in need of organs"

I didn't realise we had a functioning government who is in control of the entire country


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I wouldn't want anyone who's innocent to get the organs of moryaans.

But I would feed it to the stray dogs.


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I think this would be brilliant.

But first we need to have hospitals. Nvm we don’t even have half decent family doctors let alone a surgeon.

Folks abandon this thread. I didn’t think through it. I completely forgot that we are a shithole that doesn’t even have any transplant surgeons. Heck we don’t have a regulated pharmacy. What am I talking about ! We got a man running an insane asylum who himself is a lantic ( “DR”
This nigga is out here planting dumb ideas in 68iq faraxs. He is currently just shooting in the dark, but he is bound to hit a jackpot someday