Should I blow the whistle on this county jail?


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I heard some confidential information from a new released inmate from this county jail nearby, he told me the jail management miss-managed preventing the Coronvirus spread among the inmates, this neighbor who is an in and out of jail troubled kid explained to me one confirmed case two months ago turned into 120 cases as of this week, so far no fatalities but few old inmates are on bed and expected no to make it.

Walahi this is inhumane and shows the inconsiderace of the county by having only one nurse and unskilled help employing at the jail facilities, the nurse is barely available during the inmate intake and takes way many vacations while rumored to mess with the jail Warden according to my felon neighbor.

This hasn't been reported on the news yet, I honestly don't feel like snitching this to the national papers but to only of these local papers, my neighbor is willing to testify and is an easy money, should I do it or ignore it? :cosbyhmm:


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You and your friend should contact the local news. They're killing people in there.


Golan Heights belong to Syria
No one cares. They are criminals. I had corona two times. I couldn't breathe the first time. No one cared about a good man who is God fearing man who was suffering and treated like I had AIDS so why would anyone care about murderers, rapists, thieves, and the others?


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
I suggest you contact your local news stations immediately to report this issue. It's inhumane to treat fellow human beings like that, regardless of their criminal background.


Golan Heights belong to Syria
Who will give him money? The government and the media will not give him any money. Once you tell him that he will change his mind. He is looking for money, not being a good person because criminals are not good people.