Short guy appreciation thread

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Loooooooooool@ short guys appreciation.

I laughed!!

You're basically a female to me if you're under 6'1.

:drakelaugh:where I live the tallest Somali guy is 5'9 which makes me think that this must be clan related, however I will not name this clan
We have a representation of all Somali groups where I'm from.
You might have gotten all the malnourished ones who left way after the war congregate in your area:russ:


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:duck: On the bright side, shorter people live longer. And tall odeys have busted knees. I don't want to have to wheel you around everywhere in old age. :susp:When you become ancient all you want is some nice sheeko and a few good laughs. Qosol is medicine.:pachah1:
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