shocking stats

the world is going to shit anyway. theres nothin yo salvage from somalis as a whole. maybe its better to focus keepin us from eatin each other lol.

but you are right the westernization is aready in full swing. debauchery is almost semi halal. and theres some ngos advocating sexual rights :diddyass:
Unrelated question but have u tried bdsm with a Somali Queen? :gaasdrink:

El padrone

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I am in total control. My penis does not get erect without my consent.

I would end up on porn websites and jerking it in public washrooms like all of you if I did not practice restraint.
I commend your will-power sxb. thats kickass discipline.

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John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!
Btw whites also have herpes in staggering numbers. It's seriously common in the west.

Now there are more and more cases of antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea......

El padrone

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As long as it's not a Somali women Haye :fittytousand:

No way you're going to give some poor unsuspecting girl hpv, herpes and other incurable stds.
Laaaawd have mercy! stop habaarka qumayo. I will be clean insha allah. will make sure to go hajj and bath with zamzam water to clean impurrities from my body and soul. bid idni laahi kariim.


It's getting pretty bad because Somali men have started to have a taste for habash prostitutes/women. Not only that they infect their 2 or three wives and children. So it's spreading like wildfire. It being HIV/AIDS.
Men who cheat on their wives/women who cheat on their husbands need to get executed.
It's cause they share men, black men practice polygamy too, he has two baby mamas and another sidechick on the side.

Look at their marriage rates, it's only 20 percent..