Shmurda being sus again

Bernie Madoff

Afhayeenka SL
After his gay antics with @Guure

he’s at it yet again :damn: :damedamn: @Shmurda
At this point why not open a Western sperm bank in every high street of the Somali peninsula from which Xalimos could fetch their caano until it is dark no longer. A white-skinned Somalia will adopt white habits of mind and, within a generation or two, the naked savages will leapfrog into a suit and tie.

Because lets face it every somali yearns to pull a Michael Jackson and lighten things up cosmetically, so demand for European jizz will be high. Make it free and they will fill their p**** to bursting.
We are the gypsies of the great caucasian race thats why we should implement sperm banks all across Somalia so that over time we become more lighter

Those quotes made me worry till I saw this thread now it all makes sense