Shit's starting to hit the fan in kenya

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On Monday. The election board's head of Information and communication who oversaw the live transmission of Kenya's election results, was tortured then murder alongside another woman.

Protesters demand rapid inquiry into murder of Kenya election official

Katharine Houreld

Demonstrators from the Civil society group hold placards as they protest over the death of Chris Msando, a senior Kenyan election official who was found murdered in Nairobi, Kenya, August 1, 2017.Baz Ratner
NAIROBI, (Reuters) - Protesters marched on the offices of Kenya's election commission on Tuesday, demanding a speedy investigation of the murder of a senior official that has raised fears over the legitimacy of next week's national elections.

Chris Msando, the election board's head of information, communication and technology, was found murdered on Monday. He had been tortured before he was killed, authorities said.

Msando oversaw the live transmission of election results, a contentious area that the opposition has said could be used to rig next Tuesday's presidential and parliamentary polls.

The presidential race is very close: Opposition leader Raila Odinga is favored by 49 percent of voters compared with President Uhuru Kenyatta's 48 percent, according to a poll of 5,000 Kenyans across 47 counties released on Tuesday by Infotrak Research and Consulting.

Another poll put Kenyatta in the lead with 47 percent and Odinga at 44 percent, according to a survey of 4,300 Kenyans released on Tuesday by international polling firm Ipsos.

The close race, the murder, and a history of malfunctions of election equipment have raised tensions in Kenya and provoked a storm of speculation on social media.

Kenyatta issued a statement condemning the killing of Msando and Caro Ngumbu, a woman who had been shot in the head and whose body was found next to Msando's.

Kenyatta urged faith in investigators and for the public to refrain from speculation about the motives for the killings.


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alle will there be machete involved like last time, cause iv'e missed the 2008's bantu piñata, and i hate to see my machete go to rust!

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