Shirka Kala Taga Somaliyeed

I can't wait till all our leaders realize, it's best we separate from one and another and progress independently, the more we keep holding somalia conferences, the more time we waste and remain 3rd world. You do your own thing in SL/SWS/GM/HS while PL/JL will do their own thing. Why repeat a failed idealogy. Darods have lost the most in this stupid unity project. We built Mogadishu-Hargeisa-Berbera and IRIR areas while neglecting our own region all for the sake of Somalinimo. These other clans haven't done anything for Somalinimo, they just suck on it dry. I am certain if Darod leave these irirs on their own, they will collapse within themselves.
One thing I don’t understand about you walanwaynia folks is after 30 years you haven’t left each other or united. Like a whole 30 years of our time has been wasted because of you lot.

Like if you guys want to be one country why is it so hard to come to a table and make a comprehensive constitution that everyone can agree on and then make it the rule of the land that no one is above. It’s like you guys want to argue for every.

Quickly after Ali Mahdi unilaterally declared himself as president we realised we actually don’t want to be part of somalia. It’s not even worth the headache to argue with someone ana garta qadankarayn.

Like either agree to join each other and move forward or accept you have irreconcilably differences and move on but being stuck in the failed state shell where you can’t take loans or by weapons of the exploit your resources is ridiculous


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