Shipping Companies to Somaliland

Waxa Jiray

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Does anyone know of any shipping companies that deliver to Somaliland? Or maybe a family owned shipping company in the Columbus area?


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there are only 2 shipping company in hargeisa; aramex and DHL but their shipping fees are way too expensive


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I wouldn't recommend DHL at all, I have used them once to send package to Oman and It never made it there, I would think it will be much worse than sending a package to Somaliland, it is 50% chance it would make it, try to put in an insurance on it if it is a valuable package sxb.


Death Awaits You
Do they have a website? I checked DHL's website and the only locations that have listed are in Mogadishu.
they do have a location in hargeisa it's just that they haven't updated their website. Expect to pay $200 shipping fee for a small package.


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Depends on how large the item is. If its small then your best bet is using something like dhl. If it is a large item then you should call around international freight forwarders for quotes. I know some people that shipped cars to Somaliland so it is possible.
Speak to your adeers of the same clan as you, They can be found at the nearest somali cafe. They will know and help you with even thinking about scamming you, I used to import used clothes to somalia recently. They are shipping companies run by somalis who can get you a place on a ship carrying cargo, But it will only work if it is atleast something carrying 4 bags, Otherwise it is a big chance it will be lost on the way, It takes around 1 month for me to receive it in hargeisa. Only do it with your clan members, They cant steal from you and evade responsibility, Your qabil members will punish them if they do you dirty