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Are you talking about that Shia “hadith” (putting that in quotes for obvious reasons) where it states to stay away from “Negroes” since they are an “ugly creation?” Ironically Shias are the ones who parade a lot for causes like BLM on Twitter. Every time they’re shown that “hadith” online they stammer for excuses

It’s to be expected. I heard there’s one Shia “hadith” that was said to be narrated by a donkey, a fucking donkey
Fun fact: according to their very own narrations, many of their Imams (R) were married to black females :mjlol:


So much depends upon a red wheel barrow.
Shi'ism is weird.
It's basically "Ali(R.A) should've been the first caliph, screw all of you."
And their reverence for Ahlul-Bayt is a sham in my opinion.
They revere the few while ignore their betrayal of several descendants of the prophet(saw).

That's speaking generally though, Shi'as seem like good folk from what I've experienced.
Battuta described the food in detail as rice topped with butter ("ghee") and a sauce containing meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. They also served unripened banana cooked in milk. sour milk with pickled lemon

Battuta noted that the people of Mogadishu ate as much as a whole group from Arabia, and they were "extremely large and fat of body."

Even consuming the organic meat, butter, meat, chicken, fish made people extremely large and fat according to Ibn Battuta that detailed their diets, no surprises whatsoever! I have been saying for a long time to avoid oils, dairy and meat to cure the obesity levels in our Xaalimo's that is out of control.
Who wants to visit laas geel with me? Guriga awoowe Waaq iyo dhulka barakaysan:banderas::lawd:
I was just looking at some family pics of Laas Geel. Beautiful place.
Racism in Shiasm

Beware of marrying the Negroes (Zunj) for they are an ugly creation.” (al-Kafi, fil Furoo’: Book of Nikah, Chapter: Whom Are Disliked for Marriage, Narration 1)

Do not [even] buy anyone who is a Negro…never marry anyone of the Kurdish (people) for they are part of the Jinn (demons)…” (al-Kafi, fil Furoo’: Book of Nikah, Chapter: Whom Are Disliked for Marriage, Narration 2)

Marry not from the Negroes (Zanj) nor the Khazar, for they have near relatives whom are unfaithful.” (al-Kafi, fil Furoo’: Book of Nikah, Chapter: Whom Are Disliked for Marriage, Narration 3)

He further said:

“India, Sindh (Pakistan) and Qindh (Afhanistan)–not a single one of them [from there] is intelligent.” (al-Kafi, fil Furoo’: Book of Nikah, Chapter: Whom Are Disliked for Marriage, Narration 3)

The racism is also levied against Arabs and Arab culture. It is written in the Shia book “Tareekh-al-Islam” that when Allah becomes happy, then He talks in Persian, and He only speaks Arabic when He becomes annoyed. (Tareekh-al-Islam, p.163)

Pure Persian nationalism, they see themselves as superior to everyone else racially, these hadith are from their Bukhari equivalent hadith book.
Still blood on their hands.
righteous blood on their hands,
they had every right to kill them.

ask yourself what the f*ck where americans doing in lebanon?

if they killed americans in america is evil terrorism and xaraam,
if they kill them in their own country it is xalaal and a patriotic duty.


Where and when?

Plz tell us except Israel.

Them, iran,russia and assad are responsible for the deaths of 450 000 syrians in idlib and aleepo. Their entire goal was to change Syrian demographics from majority sunni to majority christian and shia. They've succeeded. May they all burn in hell.

And dont give but al qaida bullshit cuz they were intentionally killing innocent sunni civilians along with al qaida millitants.
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