She played herself, he has a Somali fetish!!

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Remember @R.Kelly topics about the Somali girl who had an Asian boyfriend but somehow she got exposed because people said that was not her man.

Well homeboy left this comment under Hausofriya's video.

Mike Phom
Ok.. I was on Son ofadon today.. I watched your interview twice (powerful), hunt down the comment section, finally found your channel, watched 4 of your videos, now your like my favorite youtuber and subhan Allah I just discovered you this morning.

And no don't ask me to screenshot,

Here's the video, he's the only person who made a comment.

Homegirl risked it all for Indhoyar but all along he had a Somali fetish.

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yasmin lan

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Somalis have a bad superiority complex when they see a picture of a mixed couple i.e somali women and an ajanabi guy “he has a fetish” ,“she’s only with him for mixed kids” ,” stupid blm ***** “ and ectr can we just let them prosper without fuss
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