shameless by Rooble

Rooble when he went to garbahareey a few months ago said that he would do a few projects there including digging wells and building the airport. however after his shameless stunt i.e changing the khastuumo of uhuru. the locals in garbahareey started those projects themselves.

first the airport terminal which is getting donations from reer garbahareey both internal and external. everyday people are donating here is their facebook page and the work is going great

as for wells. a man named Elmi Jama Jama. whose son was killed in the UK around 8 months ago went back to garbahareey and started a charity in the honor of his son. so far he build a mini bridge a few roads and dug some wells using the traditional hand digging methods. that was until others joined from garbahareey and got a drilling RIG. now they are digging wells that are around 150 meters deep. all of this is charity by the people nothing from the government. here is his facebook page:

he was successful and got sweet water, it was being drilled for two whole days




now that the people done it for themselves, Rooble is shamelessly trying to take credit without doing anything.