Shall I text him?


Shamelessly embracing white man apparent privilege
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You are clearly interested. Otherwise you would not have created this thread.

What do you have to lose?

Desert Flower

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I know you probably won't heed this advice, but I would just ignore him. Pretend you don't know him. I don't see the point in telling him you're not interested.
"I'm grateful but respectfully NOT interested-"

So....should I text him? :what1:

If you not interested why the fuck is you asking us if you should text him? :what: :wtfdis:
It’s to flex and make him know you not interested. Confidence
@Jaydaan letting women on the bus doesn't mean they're obligated to fuck you, adeer they're not prostitutes.
Most prostitutes don’t have driving license. Don’t ask me how I know. They are big users of public transport


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