Sexy Somali Singer

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the pussy is never yours, its just your turn.
Isaaq chicks are usually lightskin, chubby with cute face

Dhulbhante/Ogaden are tall, beautiful, lightskin

Majeerten girls usually have a distinct royalty look, tall darkskin, long necks

Hawiye girls are thick, sexy
Why are you lying for :ulyin:leef leef road is infamous :mjlol:jamac siyaad girls give head to sland soldiers :stevej:

First of all there are not somaliland somalis in lasanod but dhulbahante (Jamal siyaad) guys who work as soldiers for SL. Second, lasanod is very very very conservative town ruled by Islamic rules. Third, dhulbahante there have stars system where killing you for slandering lasanod girls will be matter of honor.
Not open for further replies.