Sexy somali girl gets to be an anchor at ABC

wow masha Allah, :banderas:

have you guys been cleansed by inter marriage with Ogaden?

did we wash you clean waryada? Agah, they look like they have Ogaden reer abti

like how Germanic inavders washed out Spanish people when Normans invaded Arab ruled Spain and cleansed them of that middle eastern looking look and gave them an amazing Spanish european latino looks
I don't think there is much inter tribal marriage with Ogaden because we don't live near eachother. Inter tribal marriages in Ethiopia is mainly with the Ciise, Geri Koombe (Darood) and Habr Awal Isaaq from my experience.
Man you're hilarious.

Ciise are Madoobe Dir.
Gadabursi are Madaluug Dir.
Gadabursi and Ciise are very close in terms of culture, history, intermarriage, grazing land etc.

They live mainly in Ethiopia, the Harar-Harawa-Jinacsani- Dire Dawa. The valley ways between Fafan and Sitti (Dembel). They also live in Awdal Region.

Although I disagree with you in terms of us being guests in our land, Ill give it to you that you're extremely funny.

I meant in Jigjiga, that is Jidwaq land even an Ogaden, their own cousin cannot claim it,

shaniley/sitti is dir/ ciise land though, that is yours, but do not worry, isnah Allah when Ogadeniya becomes independent, sitti can do what she wants, we can let her break away, last thing i want is non Absame arguing with us, in fact my dream is to kick out sitti as their own country and we Absame will live in a pure 100% Absame lands and ALL the other qashin will be deported to somaliland and other somalia regions

i want 100 years of development and pure Absame Kuumade land where the streets and schools and shops are filled only by people of our race, where we make pure 100% Absame babies with no culture contamination, i want us to be like japan

hence we will say to sitti join djibouti if you wish, who cares, the less foreigners we deal with the better, all langab somali marti will go back to somalia
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In my own opinion (and I may be biased), there is no women on the face of the earth who is as beautiful, elegant, honourable, dignified and better than a Gadabursi/Samaroon woman. Seriously, I just couldn't ever entertain the idea of not sharing my life with one. I just love my own people that much.

Reer Awdal women are the epitome of beauty and they set the standard:
mA samaroon women are truly blessed :wow:
How did the thread go from celebrating a successful Somali journalist to clan looks?

Mona/Muna/Meimuna is an AMAZING JOURNALIST.

Go. Go. Go.
Look please do not blame me, its what i was raised in and what i observed,

all the females in my family, sisters, cousins are all 6'1, you should see when i met my eedos from dads side, dads cousins, ever seen a female who is 6'1? then try seeing dozens of them, tall, gorgeous, ellagant just like mum sides, but then all 4 of my grand parents are related, 4th, 5th cousins etc

so as i came of age, in my late teens i would only shukansi girls who were minimum 5'9, this was actually one of my rules, since my uncles and abtis made me believe a tall gorgeous halimo was the standard qurux, and then it was also my female relatives were all tall, all of them extremely tall, and so was every halimo Ogaden who came and visited

once me and my friend shukansid pure Ogaden sisters who were 6'2, both, both, pure asli Mohamed Zubeer Ogaden, on all sides, asli asli gorgeous pure pure 100% Ogaden, tall long legs like a super models, they would make you go agah agah agah she is must be hurul cayan

when i wanted to introduce a girl to the family, family would ask me 3 things

is she tall like us Ogadens?

is she Absame?

is she gorgeous like an Ogaden?

this was pumped into me, being tall, gorgeous and drop dead long legged super model qalanjo can only be an Ogaden -(or dhulbahante but a little shorter )

thus the standard of qurux was pumped into me, and me my self being the asli epitome of an Ogaden drop dead handsome to the point where uni friends call me the somali James bond or pretty boy - alhamdulilah

i was even banned from marrying certain darood clans due to their love of babatundey malab, i was totally advised against it,

i was told only be racist the day you pick the mother of your kids,

boy was that advise golden and so right,

i have turned down foreign girls for marriage proposals, Indians, Pakistani, arab, german, Italian, french, i was not surprised since i looked like a Grecian hero dipped in golden maariin syrab and sprinkled with Qoodh-nimo masha Allah,

if only they knew i was so disguted, when the Pakistani girl asked me for marriage from uni,

i replied " but your pakistani" it came out so wrong, so racist, but who cares he best pakistani friend was married to a somali who i think was i-door

to hell with it, i want a somali girl who says Agah agah and jokes with my mother

once a hawiye lady saw me walking like the handsome james bond i am, she said eedo handsome boy come here, it was outside her shop, she asked if i was Ogaden, i said how do you know, she replied my husband is Ogaden, i can tell,

she said eedo do not marry a hawiye or other qashin somalsi like i-door, i asked why, she said Ogaden original qurux will disappear as now a lot of girls and guys are marrying majetreen, hawiye, isaaq, hehhe

it was ironic since she was a HG sacad hawye, i laughed, she said stick to an Ogaden girl, let the qurux stay in the family, she said those long necks and long arms and dashingly handsome face will go away and yall will become shorter due to inter marriage with less kind

being the shy dashingly handsome humble human i am, i looked to the ground shyly and said eedo i must go,

its a well known fact other somalis marry Ogaden girls so they can wash out their ugly genes and marry up whilst we marry down sadly this must stop, every Absame must put a stop to this

one of my greatest achievements in life was refusing a Majerteen and a Dir and a hawiye guy to marry my sister - we told Ogaden guys to come back after she finishes uni, she is reserved for an Absame insha Allah

sorry chaps, we may be friends in politics but marriage is personally, my grand parents refused a majerteen and an abgal to marry my won mother before my tall dashingly handsome dad came and said agah, apparently my grand parents hugged him as soon as he said i am Ogaden,. the entire Ogadens in kismayo were holding their breath if another non Absame would ask for her hand, they ere so happy when father returned from Kuwait and proposed,

thank you father, the best decision he ever made,

sorry chaps, marriage is very personal and we have the right to say no to lesser kind,

IM DYINGGGGGGGGGGG THIS GUY CAADI MA AHAN:ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa: