Several bomb attacks in Mogadishu


Siad Barre AUN made them all maids and janitors. He knew something we didn't. May Allah swt have mercy on him.

Sayidka also banned them from doing poetry/gabey, he once invited Mj, OG, dhulo, 1door etc and even hawiye, the hawiye started to insult the sayid's horse and used profanity, the daroods wanted to kill him, the sayid said no, but he also said they are not advanced for poem yet, the intellectuals of the day used poems/or bards to communicate just the way the arabs of the prophets SAW time did
No one from those two clans in the last paragraph would speak like that with us but here we have this neef asslicking. How many MJs and OGs would say "we should secede with Marehan"? Nacas
Domestic neefs are worse than shisheeye. Regular house cleaning is needed to get rid of neefs like this guy.
@Shaolin23 @Dues Ex Machete

i dont mine succeeding with jubaland with marehan, ned of the day we are bloody blood and yuo cannot throw away your brother, no matter how evil he is, but i would like marehan to think big about jubaland rather than being so focused about somalia, somalia is dead ugaas lets fae it, it will never ever come back like it was when we trusted marehans to lead, the 70s when all somalis did not mine the tribe of the leader, no we dont trust each other,

i dont want us being here another 30 years, lets rebuild jubaland, to hell with the rest and lets annex bakool sare for cawlyahan live there