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If Waaqoyi galbeed and Waaqoyi bari came to an agreement in politics, power sharing etc, and decided to relocate everything and all influence to the north can they pull it off? They have clearly more experience in building instutions etc, why cant they do that? Why they keep letting the south run the show when clearly they dont know what they doing.


the pussy is never yours, its just your turn.
This is the plan:

First we have to make peace with the mooryans habar gidir and somehow convince them to share mudug with puntland or in worst case, cumar maxamud, lelkase can make a new state with habar gidir, consisting of mudug+galgadud, this way the mudug animosity can be resolved.

Once habar gidir are satisfied they cant make problems in the south using their main excuse, daroodism to trigger other hawiyes, this way we have the south on lock.

Next problem is how waaqoyi galbeed and waaqoyi bari will share power.

This will be the hardest part, hargeisa is a good city but its to far from the rest of former somali republic, like xamar is far for the rest. Ceerigabo or galkacyo would be nice, but i think galkacyo maybe its to far from waaqoyi G

What do you guys think?


So this would be Galmudug, Puntland and Somaliland coming together as one? By today's standards this doesn't seem plausible in the least. Higher chance of Somalia getting annexed by Djibouti than this happening. :pachah1:
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