Self Improvement Thread #1: The Non Zero Days

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Reporting in.
This has not been a productive day. I blame it on lack of focus. I have therefore decided to focus. :wow:

bilan M

Hi Friends! I've taken a few set backs these past few days, to which I've already dealt with Alhamdulillah, and I hope everyone here is still on the progression road to a better place we ought to see our selves being in. I just wanted to remind those that have/already started working out seriously should take progress pics of themselves monthly until they've reached their main goal. If you've been through this road already, you'd agree with me when I say that one may not see the results of change with their own eyes, and not even believe it when people tell them that they've "changed". This is where these pictures will help. By putting them side by side, you'll definitely notice the difference even though the way you view your own body in the mirror is still itching you in the back of your head.

For those bulking, its bulking season now! Please make sure you don't "dirty" bulk and eat carefully! I've seen people who thought it was smart to do it the dirty and easy way, and by the time April came around, they clearly "bulked" in an entirely different way than they expected.

Don't be them.

Also for my kind older posters, updates would be great!

New friends, join in!
Walahi there is something really amnoying abt wannabee gurus like u! Haax aqlaay just taaq waarya!
Not open for further replies.