Self-hating Halimo Goes off: Halimos slandered on the bird app


Taxation is theft
Somali sisters doing secret wardrobe changes in the golden arches restrooms?
Is there any truth to this? :urgh:
Yes, I’m so jealous that I couldn’t dress like a hooker clown. Curse my parents for not being degenerates. Wearing conservative clothes and listening to your parents is oppressive.
Young girls now dress like prostitutes now and no supervision. But then they complain about men over sexualizing them and older men hitting on them.


A pious muslima.
that's why parents need to discuss more with their children and became their children bff. before imposing anything, explain the importance of it and do your role correctly if after everything they decide to do the haram then it's between them and Allah. May Allah protect us from having ungrateful children.