Security under Farmaajo is worse than under sh.sharif and qoslaaye

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Walahi you got jokes, deepdown you and your marexaan folks are hurting over the fact that Farmajos wife fucked over beesha marexan political comeback by usurping the rightful seat from HG for her kin murursade, and because of that Farmaajo the marexaan is a lame-duck president with a tainted name and reputation and everyone can see he has no what so power to even the Fight Hiraab let alone Al-shabaab, just 2 days ago in Dayniile when Marexan+Murursade badly invaded Ceyr's conquered territory only to lose and run, today they are paying the same very Ceyr they invaded with money (diyo) and apology, hoping HG wont seek revenge..

Farmaajo could have been like Siade Barre or better live like a king, but because of bad politics, his name, reputation and legacy is tainted as an Traitor an Ethiopian Dhabodaliif, mark my words Farmaajo will be lame-duck president for the coming 3 years....daroods truly messed up their chance.

p.s as for dayniile, everyone who had lived in Mogadishu knows HG own Half of Dayniile, all the way to Isbitalka Dayniile.#

So if I get this right he failed ONLY because he dint pick HG as his PM?

There is just no winning with Somalis.
1) if he picks HG all abgaal and Puntlanders go against him

2) if farmaajo (who by the way turned his back on his own tribe) was HG everything your saying now would be different

Enough is enough let's just all go our separate ways F the Balkanization argument we are allready BALKANIZED we might as well make it official.
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