Sayid Madoobe - Gedo Federal MP Under JL Jurisdiction

These folks are crazy. Middle Jubba clans not even voting in Middle Jubba :drakelaugh:

Wasn't Buaale suppose to be the Capital? :gucciwhat:

Just bring HSM back, this shitshow needs an intervention.

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Right he stuck on his side until eventually the US forced his hand. Anyways we need someone new to tackle that issue both failed on it
I just broke Farmajo for 4 years straight whoever comes in next will likely obey the chain of command. Behave and ill let you keep washing my camels.


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
The people of JL want a free and fair election specially smaller qabiils. Both Farmaajo and Madoobe should respect the choice of the people, if they want to cast their vote in Kismaayo or garbaherey, they should be allowed to do so :)


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