Say you do a 23andme test


No drama
It’s tasted good, the texture of it is kind of like a potato. Kinda mushy and soft.
Did you have in Somalia or abroad? I think seen something similar in Kenya.. But there they sliced it like french fries and add salt and chili on top of it
I think we all have Ethiopian in us abaayo:ftw9nwa:. Every somali I’ve seen do 23andme have a bit of Ethiopian. Whether it’s 3% or the highest percentage I’ve seen was 16%.
Why are people actually Surprised that they got some Ethiopian, they country is right next door, we been going to war for thousands of years. I would be shocked if they had something like Polynesian but Ethiopian nah.
Lool I just asked my dad what it’s called it’s not called maxuubo loool my bad it’s called maxoog
Maxoog = cassava

Don't try to make it by yourself.

You can get poisoned, there's a special way to do it till poison runs out.

Borrowed from Bantu groups in East Africa hence the name "maxoog" comes from "muhogo".


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Elaborate on the fkd up shit? Is it incest, rape or just finding out your uncle is your biological dad?

I don't trust any of those tests btw