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Saudis shit talking Somalis on twitter

That sharmut is clearly a Gaal with an agenda loool we will take what she says with a pinch of salt. I can pick up a tweet from any random person and generalise a whole race too. Arabs aren't racist
Ye we aren't racist like i wouldn't care if my younger sister marries a black guy. He just has to be born muslim and know all 114 surahs(my dad's standards).:kanyeshrug:
God forbid but if my sis brings anything but a Somali her ass is disowned, she doesn't exist in my world no more
Well im mixed though my dad is white washed like many Syrians and my mom is Afghan. So that's why the ethnicity of the person doesn't matter to me they just have to be sunni muslim and know all 114 surahs. Oh and i forgot they also have 6'3 or taller because my sister is 5'9 and has height standards like all women . :pachah1: older sisters are both married to An Arab man(Omani and Palestinian).
The reason Saudis have been constantly crying about Somalis is because they hate Ilhan Omar and how she calls them out. It seems like they hate Palestinians too. The cooning theyve been doing for the American Right on twitter is actually wild but not surprising lmao.



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Some one said "صومالي هههههههه هذي الكلمة كل العالم يستخدمونها كشتيمة واستنقاص للاخرين مساكين الصوماليين مايدرون ":banderas:
He maybe don't know that calling someone a Saudi is offensive in some Arab countries :damsel:
Saudis are out of touch with reality. They don't know how much the world hates arabs especially saudis, even other muslims hate them. Majority of them don't travel a lot and the few that do are rich so they don't have to deal with the effects of Islamaphobia.
What an embarrassment. BLM xalimos have infiltrated even saudi twitter. One dude was explaining that we are not related to zanuuj and we are a different race. But this xalimo was having none of it. She claimed we are all the same and related and he shouldn't be dividing us. :mindblown:
Why would you wanna take a label like a zanuuj.
Yep, and this right here is the problem.

Al Muslim

الموت لامريكا الموت لإسرائيل
What people don't realise is that these retards are not representative of all saudis. While I won't deny of good chunk of saudis behave like this they have been starting to hate Palestinians also ever since MBS got into power.


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