Saudis punishing Ethiopians


I oppose Arab countries humiliating east Africans cos they do that shit to Somalis too .I support a friendly relation between Somalia and Ethiopia . I don't care what Ethiopia does to Somalis in its land or what Kenya does to somalis in their land, that's their own problem. I will not hate on habesha just cos of ogadens . Ogadens need to grow a pair and earn the respect of Ethiopia.
Its that mindset that led to Hawiyes being purged by constant Oromo cleansing. Hawiyes in Somalia are almost like a Bantu culture more focused on region than clan its most prominent with Hiraab. Did more Hawiyes practice farming on average in the past?

A Hawiye from South-Central will hear that his clanmates are getting burned alive in Ethiopia and he will completely turn a blind eye until he needs to use them for an argument as to who settles more land... its a cold world :francis: