Saudi Arabia shifts to the winning side

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After the humiliating defeat of Saudi backed terrorists in Iraq and Syria and the falling American empire as well as the crumbling petro dollar, Saudi Arabia sees hope in the winning side and bent its knees in the kremlin finally.

The Saudi old leader visited the kremlin (first in history) and submitted himself before Putin and the winning side.

The Saudis made a weapon deal worth $3 billion with the Kremlin. These weapons include the feared S-400 and kornet anti tank missile among others.
The interesting part is knowing well that Saudi Arabia is connected to the dollar and an OPEC member, will the deals made be priced in rubles-riyals or dollar is gonna be involved? Will they be groing through American banks and how many of the companies involved are on American sanctions?

Kremlin is using active measures to exert its power abroad by going into these investments.
Saudi Arabia is the poorest gulf country. hope they will have a new proper government. the current government is full of fat bastards using the religion card for their own good.

may allah destroy them for all their evil acts
Saudis failed terribly lol, Putin is undoubtedly one of the finest leader and politician this world world has seen ever.
Surely he's not greater than our beloved leader Duterte? Putin's never called Obama and the Pope son of a . But yes, the Putin-Trump-Duterte alliance is a formidable thing.

What we really need though is for the Iran, Syria, and Houthi alliance to take the fight to these Saudi termites. Hezbollah can be the shock troops. Mecca and Medina need to be freed from the Wahabbi occupation.


Weeping for the Nation of 68
Sunnis deserve this because they are disunited wilddogs.
Putin is heavyweight geopolitical tactician.
Ofcourse the dumb salafis and their American Master cannot win the proxywar against Putin.
Also the shias and alawis are united in their goal.
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