Sanaag Is In Puntland Interest

We need to secure Sanaag completely. Especially where the Calmadow mountains are. That's why the terrorists are there, they are digging for gold. Sanaag is Somalia's gold rush. Forget oil and other commodities for now. We need some wealth to begin with before we can expand into oil. We need to ensure our Puntland reserves has gold so we can use this to provide some gurantee to investors if Puntland defaults on it's loans, we will give them a slice of our gold reserve. We will need to take this gold eventually to the federal reserve bank in America because it's considered reliable and 'neutral' with a strong government that is trusted by the world. This ensures they can access your gold reserve in New York underground vaults by lodging a case against your nation for defaulting on payment an retrieving the exact sum of gold they lost to defaults on your loan repayments.

The only problem is, we don't have a foreign gold reserve at all as Puntland. We have nothing to kick-start our economy. Every nation that is poor also lacks foreign reserves. We can't even begin to develop a mixed economy like other nations because they had something to start with, they had gold reserves in foreign exchanges securing their economy and securing any investor not to worry about losing their money if they invest because they can recoup it from that nation's assets in the american federal reserve.

We need at least 20 billion in reserves. I say this because the amount of investment we need is billions to build our infrastructure and we need at least something double that amount in reserves so investors can recoup it if we default on our payments. We need a reliable government though who doesn't swindle away taxes and has proper finance policies and checks and balances to ensure our financial policies are 'sound' or else we will lose our 'gold' and the economy will tank.
So what you all say puntlanders? let's start removing these terrorists from sanaag, secure it, and begin the 'gold rush'. May the best majerten clan win. Osman mahmoud is light years ahead though, we were planning this since 2005 with majiyahan incursions. Now Deni is back, he said he just opened a local reserve in puntland woohooooooo, this means we are going to calmadow to begin digging and slapping this duli @Suldaanka who hates osman mahmoud because we won't let his ass stop our survival.

Gold rush baby, i've called my adeers to inform all bah dubays to march to galgala. Our sarkaal is there already who controls it, we setting up for our future in 'gold'. Once bah dubays has his gold, we can keep it for rainy days for beesha in overseas accounts. We will use it as a 'collateral or gurantor' to lure investors to our lands and help build bah dubays and beat the living shit out of other clans.

f*ck @Cognitivedissonance who is so dumb, find out who is 'controlling galgala' soldiers, he is bah dubays waryaa. Noone can come and go without bah dubays permission which means all 'diggers' there will need to pay a nice little 'tribute' to us which we will stock away while we also send our locals to be apart of dig teams in galgala.

@Suldaanka I am sorry but you will not stop clans planning for their future just because your clan has no plans for itself.
I have already told my uncles to bring all bah dubays for meeting in garowe this year at our hotel city view in garowe so we can plan which families are allocated to go to galgala on the gold rush expedition. It's similar to the gold rush in America where the scots, irish, english all built themselves off.

Bah dubays is looking at this way for it's future so it doesn't become duli like 'african americans' or clans who just sit idly not planning long-term for it's clan survival in real wealth. City view Hotel in Garowe is owned by Bah dubays therefore the meeting can be trusted it won't be taped like those duli clans who tape their meetings. We don't go on TV


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Aar boowe sanaag belongs to warsengali not marjeerteen so concentrate on nugaal where you are from.