Sam of somalia the chad shows how easy it is to get married... by just talking somali

Nah, I've literally spent entire threads arguing against Bantus being native to Koonfur (which is true, they're not native to it) :

I even spent pages and am still working on several new and detailed posts over at the Somali Dhow thread debunking a Bantu guy who tried to lie about Somalis and pretend we were not historically a seafaring people and that only Bajunis had seaworthy ships (rofl). I am a through and through purebred Geeljire of the reer Dishiishe from Boosaaso with an MJ hooyo.

I'm just not a coon for cadaans or think they're anything special or care for the idea of being related to them. The only people I feel any kinship toward are the ethnic minorities in Somalia (as they're Somali admixed and culturally influenced), other Horners, Sudanis (north and south), Yemenis, Khaleejis, Southeast African groups with Horner influences and cultural connections like the Tutsi and the Maasai, and Masris. Anybody else is pushing it.
so you argue against bantus, but are feel kinship to the "ethnic minorities" in somalia? :mjlol:

Seems like you just want to accept reer xamar types because they are lightskin. Both them and the bantu are not ethncially somali, why reject one but accept the other?
and you claim your not a coon for cadaans. i feel no kinship for non somali:russ::russ:
Stop hating on the brother he’s wife is disabled and deaf they communicate through sign language , you were never going to marry that girl stop putting him down
This is not about him or his wife rather than the thirsty people in the comments :samwelcome:
Btw I know this guy for years & knew he married a deaf person mashallah thats very noble


بىَر غىَل إيؤ عآنؤ لؤ
I'm bombarding you with questions lol, sorry about that. So, did the ancient Egyptians same/similar backgrounds as our Nutfian ancestors? Or did the ancient Egyptians have iranic influence ect.

Natufians are, as far as I can see, a mixture between North-African types like Iberomaurusians and Anatolian HGs. Our earliest MENA ancestors indeed would have probably been something along this spectrum and closely related to Natufians though probably more Anatolian admixed as they would have likely had Levantine Neolithic (extra Anatolian admixed) ancestry.

Then another strain of admixture came to the Horn either in two waves or in one. Once from Nubia and carried with it Bronze-Age Egyptian ancestry and then another time from Iron-Age Yemen around 2,500-3,000 years ago, or just once altogether from Yemen and that would have carried significant Iran-Chalcolithic ancestry but still mostly been Natufian-like. Both mid to late Bronze-Age Egyptians and Iron-Age Yemenis would have been very genetically similar. Main difference being that the Yemenis would have more Iran-Neolithic whereas the Egyptians would have had more Anatolian Neolithic.

These components probably confuse you so I'll try to explain them:

  • Anatolian Neolithic: Neolithic population of what is now Turkey. This is the farmer population that spread agriculture to Europe and most Europeans are heavily descended from them. They are mostly near pure descendants of Anatolian Hunter-Gatherers with maybe some extra ANA admixture through Natufian types who got that from North-Africa. People like their HG ancestors also had a bit of a spread into the Caucasus where a sample called "Dzudzuana" was found around 20,000 years ago. Once you remove the ANA admixture the base of these guys is theoretically WHG-related + Basal Eurasian.
  • Iran Neolithic: Neolithic population of the Iranian Plateau and overall Zagros mountain range. Their Iran-HG predecessors were basically a mix of something related to Anatolian type HGs like Dzudzuana and Ancient North Eurasians (ANE).
  • Levantine Neolithic: Neolithic population of Bilad al-Sham / the Levant. They are mix between Anatolian Neolithics and Natufians (with maybe some minor Iran-Neolithic) whereas Natufians themselves are a mixture between Anatolian HG types and Iberomaurusian-related people.
  • Iberomaurusians: Epipaleolithic inhabitants of the Maghreb. They were basically an intermediate SSA + Anatolian HG mixture. At least that's what seems more plausible now. The SSA being a unique kind of SSA with a strong affinity for Eurasians we've nowadays chosen to dub "Ancient (or Ancestral) North African" in the anthrosphere.
  • Caucasian Hunter-Gatherers (CHG): Similar and very closely related to Iran Neolithic with just slightly differing percentages of ANE and Anatolian HG type ancestry and some very minor Eastern European Hunter-Gatherer ancestry (EHG) who are a mixture between WHG types and ANEs.
  • Iran-Chalcolithic: By the late Neolithic to Chalcolithic the Middle-East not only exploded into surrounding regions like Central Asia, South Asia, Europe, North-Africa and East-Africa where the MENA farmers and pastoralists intermixed with the local HG groups to create the first and major steps for the modern populations you see in these places today but the region also sort of "imploded". Iran-Neolithics, agriculturalized CHGs, Levant-Neolithics and Anatolian-Neolithics all intermixed big-time as some of their ancestors already had and created a mixed Chalcolithic group centered around Iran and Mesopotamia who spread all across the Middle-East often carrying Y-DNA J1/J2 and seem associated with metallurgy.

Our earliest Egyptian ancestors would have likely been:

Something on a spectrum between Natufians and Iberomaurusians + probably Levant-Neolithic admixture

Our later wave of 5-10% or so extra admixture which is 20-30% in Xabashis:

Very similar to the above + lots of Iran-Chalcolithic.

Hope that makes sense. We'll know more in detail when we get more ancient DNA from Egypt, Sudan, the Horn and Arabia.

Also, when did Cushitic people come into existence, well before the ancient Egyptians or were they still forming during the earlier Ancient Kingdoms?

Well before. Proto-Cushitic dates to earlier than 8,500ybp when we already have evidence of a split between North-Cushitic and Proto-Agaw-East-South.


As a linguistic group we formed before even 7000 BCE. About 4,000 years before even the start Old Dynastic Egypt which predates the formation of the Old Kingdom by half a millennia. We can't know for sure that the admixture had happened the same time Cushites linguistically and culturally formed as a people but it's pretty likely in my humble opinion and that it maybe happened over-time eversince until our ancestors first began to leave for the Horn from Sudan around 3000 BCE.


بىَر غىَل إيؤ عآنؤ لؤ
so you argue against bantus, but are feel kinship to the "ethnic minorities" in somalia? :mjlol:

Seems like you just want to accept reer xamar types because they are lightskin. Both them and the bantu are not ethncially somali, why reject one but accept the other?
and you claim your not a coon for cadaans. i feel no kinship for non somali:russ::russ:

Wallahi, how did I know you'd hone in on the ethnic minorities bit?


Nothing else bothered you but that. And no, I accept both reer Madoweyne and Gibil-Cad reer Banaadir. Both groups seem to have significant Somali admixture and cultural influences, the latter more than the former. So yes, I feel some kinship toward them that I would not feel toward a Nigerian or a Norwegian or a Korean. I can admit Bantus are not native to Somalia and not ethnic Somalis without being hateful toward them and acknowledging this. What have reer Madoweyne ever done to you, waryaa? Stop adopting neurotic cadaan Nazi views. They're mostly just miskiin people who do the menial work back home ethnic Somalis don't want to do and all the brouhaha about them being HUGE in number is just that; brouhaha. They're a minority and always will be.


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.

Most people are attracted to their own, however, the economic and political realities of the world benefit white people the most; this would all be a non issue if our Nations were as stable, advanced and as wealthy as Western Nations.
Anyone with a brain will accept this blackpill all colonized races women except for a few will go for the coloniser if given opportunity. Hypergamy and all.
Somalis are more SSA than we are West-Eurasian. The actual exact Eurasian:SSA scores are 40:60 or 38:62. MENA:SSA is 45:55 as our MENA ancestors had SSA roots themselves. We're more "Black" than we are "Brown". And the MENAs we are descended from are literally the most distant ones from white people. Egyptians and Arabians. And the Egyptians we descend from would have been ones even more "North-African" and less Iran-Chalcolithic admixed than the current ones who even have very minor steppe admixture our ancestors would have lacked.
Our SSA is also partly Eurasian related Dinka is around 15% Eurasian, they carry less Neanderthal than Yoruba so its probably something Basal Eurasian like but its there, they also shift a tiny bit towards Eurasians in PCA, relative to West Africans.

Even the most Eurasian groups in the Horn like Tigres are below 55% Eurasian. Most Cushitic and Ethiosemitic ethnic groups are in the 40-50% range.
North Ethio-Semitic speakers are generally 36-38% Dinka, 3-5% Mota, so SSA ancestry is in the low 40s, which is what most studies say, that they're around 60% Eurasian which is a pretty consistent figure, even without the Eurasian ancestry in SSA accounted for I haven't seen 45%+ SSA in any papers from the past few years, most cluster analyses' show 55-65% Eurasian related ancestry for North Ethio Semites, Somalis are usually 45%