Salafis, Do you make Takfir of the Somalia/Somaliand government?

The Salafi ideology justifies takfiring and revolting on governments that don't agree with their version of "shariah". This strict code they claim they adhere to is solely expected of governments to implement because, the average Salafis tend to be a TikTok Shaykh by day and sliding to to random"BLM Xalimos" DMS at night which many have been exposed for. The Salafis back home aren't much better, ever since they entered the political field, Somalia became corrupt with religious extremism.

Now they occupy all the sectors of the economy including real estate and education. There is one constant in what they preach in schools that being the country is meant to be ruled by those who hold this puritanically intolerant belief. This belief alone will forever legitimize extremism and violent insurgency to the extent people resort to tribal identities; due to their disdain for nationalism and emphasis on the sleeping ummah. Do you think I'm over thinking your manhaj or is it on the money?
You have to understand and differentiate between Takfiri, Wahabbi and salafis.All the takfiris are salafi and wahabbi, all the wahhabi are salafi and takfiri.Salafi are to same degree takfiri and not wahhabi. They control most of the sectors because they were getting fundings from Middle East salafi, wahabbi and takfiri organisation hence government to day have very little leverage due to prolonged power vacuum.
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Caabudwaaq ana dega, Cadaado waa dhulkaygi
Political Islam battle over Somalia is over, basically it was between sufi and salafis, and Salafis won.
Complete nonsense your spewing . Salafis are not takfiiris they speak out against takfiiris . Salafis are against repelling the rulers .you lot have been brainwashed by the west . Don't be a sheep get educated.the kufars use terms like Wahabis now they start calling any one salafis and you have certain Muslims just fallowing their disinformation .listen to this lecture