Salafi vs. Sufi & Bid'ah - 1/2 - Shaykh Hasan Ali

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Please listen through both lectures. Sheikh Hassan enlightens many Muslims who are caught up this sectarian divide between the Sunni groups: Salafi and Sufis.


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I was going to watch it until I noticed it was 3+ hours long.:westbrookwtf:

Cliff notes, please.:williamswtf:
It is really very informative. If my memory served me right, Sheikh Hassan Ali is one of the reasonable voices in the Sunni Muslim when it comes to the topic of Salafi and Sufi divide. Here are what he emphasizes:

1. Understand the deen and if you're not scholar, quit judging the practices of other Muslims. Leave it to the scholars.

2. If you see a Muslim doing something wrong, warn him or her about that act. Once you do that, your job is done, move on.

3. Quit judging the actions of the few on other larger Muslim groups.

It is a long religious lecture that is very interesting and really intriguing the mind of the listeners. I would strongly urge all of you to listen to this Sheikh. Maasha'Allah, his communication skills are one of the best.
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