Salafi Looking Somali Sixiroole Robs a Gazelle Blind (Black Magician)

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Revived Hunter.
This guy looks like your typical oday, who has a beard and cimaamad on his shoulders. However he uses this to hide his kufri and shirk against Allah.

May Allah keep us safe from the shayaadeen and their companions. Ameen.

Waa waraay, the guy is unstoppable, I wonder how the police would react once they seen this, they can't arrest him cause he never robbed anyone forcefully :shookgabre:

@star @Hani Malab here's that castanso guy dad :siilaanyolaugh:
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Nah that guy was complaining about being mistaken for that Salafi sorcerer.

Ohhhhh ok!

Still ....whatever happened to investigating the cashier lady. Why run to superstitious line of explanation when people can conspire together to steal. They probably were in it together
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