Sadiq Adan Mohamed


"Show respect to all people, but grovel to none"
AUN to the brothers

Triple tragedy! Man this is crazy. Mom's face is soaked up with sorrow and helplessness. May Allah give her sabr and healing and protect her family from further harm :i83dwbv:
Who knows the full story about the murder story of this guy, I heard it was a Camden Situation and his older brother got tragically murdered 2. apparently his family won the case doe.

Boogie B from OFB killed Lewis Blackman and his friends went to get revenge on their opps, they went to Broadwater but idk if they found anyone, they had beef with some somali mans from active gxng and so they went out to their ends and caught a bunch of ppl...dragged Mitch’s younger brother out of a car and stabbed him. Suspect was in jail and him and SY went psychotic the next year


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