Rules of LIFE unveiled.


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
God created humanity from a PURE form. Then God set forth mankind to go to Earth and live a life but..........................this life has TWO CHOICES.

Choice # 1

A life of Good. Righteousness. From Believing in one God, to righteous Moralistic guidelines set down from three monotheistic religions.

Choice # 2

A life of Free Fall. Bad. Evil, Pleasure and Hedonistic. A life devoid of righteousness and Godly rules. Basically an animal in human form.

IF you chose # 1 you would lead a beautiful Life that God intended for YOU -full of Baraakah and Blessings.

If you chose # 2 Like MOST PEOPLE chose-- And i mean--- MAJORITY OF HUMANS ---then u will lead a life that the Devil chose for you. It will be a life of misery and sadness.

This ALL can be fixed -- NEVER too late. The moment u make a Righteous turn in life change-- suddenly you are walking towards the life that God had intended for YOU!

It is possible that in the day of JUDGEMENT-- we will be shown a video of the life we would have lead had we chosen the good Godly life. That is the essence of Life's rules unveiled by Doctor Basra.
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