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Riddles thread NO CHEATING

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This is not a competition so no googling to make yourself feel good. The rules: One riddle at a time and to post another, the one posted must be answered.

let's start.

So you marry a single mother who'd 2 sons from a previous marriage and exactly a year later, she gives birth to your son. Several years go by and the three boys are around 4 and 5 and 6. One day, breakfast runs out and only 2 breads are left and none of the boys have had breakfast yet. Deep down you want your son to have 1 bread to himself and the other two boys to share one but you want to do it discreetly so as to not come across as a biased father. How would you do it?

There is only one answer so think carefully.


Very vague. Horta what types of bread are we talking here?
Sliced bread mise loaf bread mise bread sticks mise baguettes? :wtf:
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