Revealed: South Africa Had Higher Life Expectancy and Lower Crime Under White Rule

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With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
@Menelik III alway got to derail a thread and make it about Ethiopia:gucciwhat: If you love your burning country make a Ethiopot and leave:salute: Now but to South Africa, that's what happens when your economy is provided by the white and you kick them out of power:mjlaugh:
Did you watch the video? South Africa under apartheid produced more clean water than SA of today, built more asphalt roads annually than today, had higher life expectancy (even in the poor townships) than today and a lot less crime than today.
I was taught in school that most blacks in Townships lacked access to basic amenities. Hmm

I will just give you 2 statistics to contemplate;

The year 1976 SA had 3 murders a day

2016 SA had 51 murders a day on average

Truth is uncomfortable :manny:
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