Reflections on my time in Hargeisa: In the country of strong women and broken men

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How did Somalis discover khat in the first place? What introduced them to khat, how and why?
I heard it was a Solomonid king that introduced it in the horn and the Muslim Cushites and habeshas got addicted to it. They tried to destroy the Muslim population like the English did with opium in china.
When was this?
Not sure exactly I'll find out. I remember seeing it in an article years ago. It was brought down from Egypt and it got really popular in Ethiopia. Later during the colonial times the English settlers in Kenya in the highlands around Nairobi started mass farming if khat and it increased in popularity in Somalia.

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What happened to the woman who was charged with 14 years for having tons of khat in her house?
She was being held on a $160,000 bond so chances are she's still in jail for time being unless she somehow managed to get people to pay it

I should add that last October another woman in Ohio was caught with khat and arrested, and it was said that she could be in jail for a minimum of ten years, so something similar (or worse) could happen to the woman in Nashville

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It is true though. In Hargeisa all you will see in the afternoons/nights is street by street hundreds of men chewing and sitting on the sides of the roads lol.

The worst part is hard currency goes to Ethiopia.

The khat eating xoolo just piece me off:birdman:
Cowsbaa sidi arigii loogu soo dhoofshaa:draketf:
at least grow your own khat if you're going to chew it:ohlord:
I recommend national purge on those xoolo:mugshotman:
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