Reer UK, do something useful for once and stream this for us:

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
Halfway through the trailer there is Somali language being spoken, and even couple clips of a a typical Somali family setting - in a mainstream theatrical release! Haven't seen theatre rep like this since Captain Phillips, and that didn't do anything good for us.

They need to distribute this internationally, so Soomaliyeen can give them their coins. Somali representation that doesn't involve FGM, Pirates, Terrorism or Gang life? You mean representation that majority of us diaspora can fit into? Regular Somalis navigating the west? Count me in!

This is the trailer that should've blowed up not that French Pedo Islamaphobic one.

I also particularly like how the older sister pinpointed the actress' Muslimnimo over her 'blackness'. I think in times like this especially its brave of her to not fall under the influence of common narratives and agendas, and said Black or Black Muslim, seeing as we shouldn't divide the Ummah, and also the Muslim representation is greater than the Black one for Somalis.


(apologies if this has already been posted y'all)

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
whose habo and adeero are these:


they even have hido iyo daqan clothing in it, also known as 'kaftan' (rolls eyes)


- why they give miskeenta a durag to wear on tho? at least good sis' waves will be on swim lol
You can't spread the Middle East Isaaq/Darood narrative of Somali=Muslim
Muslim is from the 7AD and Somali is from 14AD
The People are older than your labels


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Let Them Eat Cake
Disgusting. a young ghetto Ilhan Omar & her outcasts minions. Very aggravating.


With great power comes great electricity bill
Letting a madow wear your baati? First you let hem try it on as a guest/as a form of charity and then suddenly it's theirs. Why would I advertise the Bantu expansion, come tell em eedo @Finesse :birdman:

Jokes aside this looks alright but it ain't gonna get big. These sorts of movies never do, they'll appear on some publicly funded channel get a high rating then lose relevancy. Such is the life of British television.


With great power comes great electricity bill
@Finesse that comment was making fun of your Bantu expansion theory, I'm only telling you this because I'm confused by that like.


Macawiis, dacas iyo AK47.
Jar22rs acting as somalis always triggers the shit out of me.

I will give it a pass
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