Reer Toronto Don’t tell me this is Somalis?

Y’all act like everything is the father’s fault, a man is supposed to be at work providing, who’s job is it to watch the kids, feed and clothe them? Most older Somali males in MN do shit like running home care centers and trucking to put food on the table, what tf are their Diana abusing wives doing? Shaking their futo at the aroos of someone they don’t even know.

I’m trying to point out issues that plague our community and you can’t think beyond the sspot gender war.
Nacala how do you expect them to feed and take care of the kids when their is no father providing for the families????
you are jumping to step 2 without going through step 1
Most diaspora Somali mothers are absolutely qashin as well. You can’t dump all of it on Somali males as if Somali females are perfect angles. Here in Minnesota most of them are either at weddings and other social functions with their friends 24/7 while their kids are starving at home. I went to School with kids who wore the same outfit everyday and were barely fed at home. Half of them even chase the husband away.

But you being the typical bird brain delusional feminist xalimoid would rather go with “all Somali menz iz bad and shiet”
My mother has often vented to me about exactly such Somali mothers. Ones whose kids go to school in torn clothes, have nothing to eat at home but some Canjeero and whatever else she bothers bringing home sometimes all while this "hooyo" apparently has money but is spending it on a house she's having built in Somalia. Something has culturally broken with Somalis big time. Pre-civil war folks weren't like this. At least according to older relatives. Many men back in the day would apparently even white knuckle through a miserable marriage to stay close to their kids or steal them after a divorce. Hard to fathom looking at some current day deadbeats.